Mrs Doris Malu is from Eziagu Local Government Area of Enugu State. She holds the B.A honours degree of Abia state University, Uturu in English language. She has been a literature teacher since 2000.


At Last is a highly moralistic novelette that dwells on the importance of being good to everyone. In a typical Christian didactism, the evil ones represented by likes of Dike meet untimely death and terrible punishment while the humble and hardworking people, represented by Chikere and Echefula are blessed with fulfillment of their live's expectations.

The English language used here reflects the general speech pattern of popular culture which is half standardized. As a serious work of art, the plot structure is wobbly and the character sketch is completely unconvincing.

However, since these sketches were primarily done in order to convey particular messages, this writer's attempt is successful.


  • At Last (2005)
  • Alive Again (2008)

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