Born 26 JUNE 1967
Rita Inoma-Abbey is the daughter of Late Chief Augustine and Late (Hon) Rose Asor from Cross River State of Nigeria. She has a doctoral degree from University of Port Harcourt in Educational Planning. Currently, Dr Rita Inoma-Abbey is the Officer-in-charge of Homicide Department of the State Criminal Investigation Department of the Nigerian Police in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Rita Inoma-Abbey's Streams of Vengeance is a well-crafted adventure story meant for young adult readers. Through a creative manipulation of an intricate plot sequencing, the author narrates the interesting adventures of Celestine, a multi-talented young teenage boy, who narrowly escapes death at the hands of his father.

The achieved suspense in the novel stems from Inoma-Abbey's expert handling of a multiple plot structure which first introduces the love conflict between Sam and Christie at the beginning of the novel. While the reader's attention is captivated with this love tangle, the case of Celestine is seamlessly introduced in the middle of the story. With time Celestine's adventures gradually dominate the entire novel and the two earlier introduced characters, Sam and Christie, reside to the background as voices through which Celestine's experiences are narrated.

Set in a secondary school with rigid discipline and institutionalized Christian born-againism, Rita Inoma-Abbey creates her credible child-characters who respond to issues that threaten lives and security of their school. The naive child-like manner in which many of the issues were handled by these children further enhances the credibility of these child-characters. Against the background of this interesting narrative, Rita Inoma-Abbey carefully weaves in interesting morals like, patriotism (to one's institution), lessons in HIV Aids, safe-sex practices, safe love relationships between the sexes, career counselling, anti-cultism campaigns and projection of a good image for the Nigerian police.

Written in good standard communicative English language, this book makes a bold statement on the positive aspects of the Nigerian child, educational system and the Police force. However, it is suggested that the book title could be changed to something better.


  • Streams of Vengeance (2003)
  • Blackmail (2013)
  • The Price (2013)
  • Chains of Change (2013)


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