Born 23 NOV, 1984
Anita Ndubuisi is the daughter of Mr. Pedro O. Eze and Mrs. Florence A. Eze. She holds a Bachelor of Education from Ebonyi State University. She is a Literature-in-English teacher in Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugwulangwu, Ohaozara L.G.A, Ebonyi State. She is from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Her area of research interest is Fiction and Gender issues.


Survive the Noon is a touching story of the travails of Nneka, who is traumatized under the burdens of widowhood. The sequence of the narrative is regularly spiced with anecdotes springing from indigenous African lore and traditions. This technique not only gives the story a special flavour, but shall form a major attribute in sharpening the author's creative voice.

However, most women in the story, including the central character, seem to have been deliberately sacrificed so that the story can achieve its tragic bent of signifying the plight of African women under patriarchy. For instance, Nneka, the central character suffers many bad turns without a single reprieve.

However, as a debut novel, Anita Eberechi has shown great success in establishing a testament of her capabilities at evoking pathos and celebrating Eros in African literary narrative.


  • Survive the Noon (2016)


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