Born 3 MAY 1932
Mrs Pauline Kanene Davids is the daughter of Mr and Mrs D.Okpala from Ndiuche Arondizuogu in Imo State, Nigeria. Due to her oustanding performance in academics in those days, she was among the female pioneer scholars given admission at University of Ibadan to do certificate course in History and Literature. After graduation, she has taught in and headed many educational institutions including Government trade Center, Aba, Umuagbai Secondary school, Ohabiam Primary school.

In the 90s, she retired from civil service and has since dedicated her services to writing her poems. Along with Chief Ogbalu, she is a founding member of the Society for the promotion of Igbo Language and Culture, which effort led to her collating one of the pioneer works in Igbo proverbs entitled Ilulu Igbo. She is married with three children, two boys and a girl.


Opuliche is an autobiographical fiction which details the travails of the heroine as she struggles on to succeed in life. The greatest of these challenges was being born a female in a male-dominated African setting of the 30s.

Written in simple diction, which underscores the heroine's earlier near simplistic belief in the efficacy of colonial education and understanding of life's travails, the narrative effectively re-creates the native's grasps, turmoil and surmounting of the problems associated with colonialism. From these beginnings, current issues of post colonialism had their seeding and birth. Thus a reading of Opuliche will help unravel some of the origins of current gender relations in (Nigeria) Africa.


  • Opuliche (2002)


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