Born 13 FEB 1947
Dr Cecillia Agborele Etchie (nee Izuagie) is from Ayua-Uzairue in Edo State of Nigeria. Her last place of work is the College of Education Illorin where she taught for 24 years before retiring in 2000 as Chief Lecturer. She is married with three children. She currently runs and NGO (called Joliweb Home) with interest in taking care of orphaned children.

She is also the Vice Chairman of Association of Nigerian Authors Kwara chapter. Dr Etchie is interested in Children's literature, women, widows and cultural issues. She is currently working on the manuscripts Bride from the Cradle, Village Teacher and other stories and Born to be free.


This is a compilation of eight short stories meant for children. The author employs both traditional story telling motifs and techniques in many of her narratives although the attempt at dialogue is not sustained throughout the stories.


  • Story Telling: Tales for Children (2009)
  • Who shall we send? (2009)
  • Symphony and Harmony


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