Theodora Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo was born at Uga in the South East of Nigeria. Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo is the first child of Joshua and Christiana Adimora. She did her primary and secondary education at St. John's C.M.S. Central School, Ekwulobia; Municipal Council School, Port Harcourt and Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls' School, Elelenwa, Port Harcourt. She got her university degrees at Universities of Lagos and Ibadan. Ezeigbo joined members of staff of the University of Lagos in 1981 from where she rose to the rank of Professor.

She is a member of the Literary Society of Nigeria, Modern Language Association of Nigeria, the International PEN, PEN Nigeria, the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), and Women Writers Association of Nigeria (WRITA), among others. Other prizes include in the WORDOC short story competition; the second prize in the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation's (NBC) short story competition, the Cambridge Writers Fellowship, the ANA Spectrum prize, the Zulu Sofola prize for creative writing; Flora Nwapa prize for Women Writing; NLNG prize for literature (with Mabel Segun). Atiku Abubakar children literature prize; ANA/Cadbury prize for poetry, and received honourable mention as a runner-up for the ANA/NDDL Flora Nwapa prize for Women Writing.
Between 1971- 2007, Ezeigbo had various awards including the Federal Government scholarship award; Commonwealth Fellowship, Research Fellow; Guest Scholar in the Institute of African Studies, University of Bayreuth, Germany; Best Research Award in the Arts and the Humanities of UNILAG, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Royal Holloway University, London, U.K.


  • The Buried Treasure (1992)
  • The Prize (1994)
  • Alani the Troublemaker and other Stories (2004)
  • Asa and the Little Stream (2004)
  • Whisker the Brave Cat (2005)
  • Red One and the Wizard of Mula (2005)
  • Snake Child and Star Baby (2005)
  • Sunshine the Miracle Child (2006)
  • Ezezemale and the Tree Spirits (2006)
  • Adventures of Anum the Tortoise (2006)
  • My Cousin Sammy (2007)
  • Fire from the Holy Mountain (2009)
  • Ako the Storyteller (2009)
  • Zoba and his Gang (2009)
  • The Boy and his Dog (2010)
  • The Return of the Thief (2010)
  • The Dwarf's Story (2010)
  • The Slave Girl (2010)
  • Cloud and other Poems for Children


Department of English, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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